All Games: What is your social network UID and how do you find it

Tue Dec 09 05:18:29 EST 2014 173

Your Social Network UID is a unique number assigned to your social network profile (Facebook,, etc).

Zynga Support might ask that you provide your Social Network UID so that we can best locate your account to research and resolve your issue.

Check out our tutorial video if you would like more information on how to find your UID!

To find your UID, please follow these steps:

  • 1. Log in to your Facebook account

  • 2. At the upper left of the Facebook page, click on your name

  • 3. At the top of your browser, you will see a URL that looks like this:

  • 4. In your browser's address bar change the "www" to “graph” and hit Enter

  • 5. Now you will be able to see your UID

  • 1. Go to and login.

  • 2. At the top right of your browser, click the arrow below your name and then click Profile.

  • 3. Once your profile page, look at the URL. Copy the numeric value at the end of the URL:

Zynga Games on Mobile Devices:

  • If you are playing Zynga Games on a mobile device, click here for instructions how to locate your UID/ZID (Zynga ID).

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