How to purchase an eCard (Virtual Gift Card)

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You have the ability to purchase eCards, also known as virtual gift cards, on This article details how to purchase eCards for you or your friends and family, and how to redeem game currency in your favorite Zynga game.

Currently, you cannot redeem eCard pins for Zynga Poker.

To purchase an eCard:

1. Go to and locate the Zynga game card section on the lower middle section.

2. Click the Game Card button.

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3. Customize your by choosing the following options:

      - Choose your favorite design with greeting or upload your own image by clicking on the link

      - Choose an Amount

      - Choose the delivery method by email or through the Facebook account

      - Enter Information for the sender and recipient

      - Once all information has been provide you may click the preview button located below to view your eCard

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4. Select the delivery method as either Facebook or through email.

NOTE: If you select Facebook as your delivery method, you will prompted to log in and allow the Zynga eCards application on your Facebook account. This delivery method will post the eCard gift on your selected Facebook friend's wall.

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Caution! If you choose Dont' Allow, you will not be able to complete the form under the Recipient Name box. You can refresh your page and choose the Facebook option again to have the pop-up open again so that you can click the Allow button.

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Choose you Facebook friend.

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5. Click the Preview button to reach the payment page. If you are satified with your selection. You also have the ability to choose the date of delivery under the " Delivery Date" box if you decide to present or redeem it at a later date. 

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7. Click the Continue button. (The Email delivery method will look similar.)


Once you hit the continue button you will receive the payment method of choice in order to complete your purchase:

-Credit Card


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Credit Card Payments
Complete the required information and click the Submit Payment button at the bottom of the page.

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PayPal Payments

1. Log in to your Paypal account and complete your purchase.

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2. If your purchase is successful, you are prompted with the following confirmation message:

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The buyer will receive one email with the receipt and two emails to confirm the purchase. These emails are sent by GroupCard Gifts [].

The recipient will receive two confirmation emails with the link Claim your eCard. Clicking the link takes the receipient to the code redemption page in the game.

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The pin number is provided via email a few moments after the user clicks the Claim button. The link will expire after 24 hours. Recipients can ask to have the link resent to them.

Successful Transaction

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Contacting Billing Support
If you have any further question, you can contact our Billing Support Hotline at 1-800-762-2530 and our service representative will be ready to assist you.

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