All Games: Technical solutions for Flash Player issues

Fri Oct 16 10:48:58 UTC 2015 15

In this article we will show you what you can do if you are experiencing an issue with your Flash Player.

If your Flash Player is crashing or freezing:

  • 1. Always make sure that you have the latest version of Flash Player installed.
    Click here to learn how to install or upgrade your Flash Player.

  • 2. Clear your Flash Cookies.

  • 3. Close unnecessary browser tabs and windows.
    We recommend that you do not have more than 1 browser tab or window opened at the same time that uses Flash Player.

  • 4. Check if your issue can be resolved by performing the basic browser troubleshooting steps.

  • 5. If the above steps did not work please try to uninstall and re-install your Flash Player.
    (Uninstall instructions: PC / Mac).

If your Flash Player is loading slowly:

  • Give Flash Player permission to store information on your computer.
    This can save download bandwidth and speed up your loading time. Click here to learn how.

If your Flash Player is not loading at all:

  • 1. Ensure that your Flash Plugin is enabled in your browser.
    Follow the instructions from Adobe's help pages:

    Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox
    Internet Explorer

  • 2. Check if any security applications could be blocking your Flash Player.

    Some security applications and browser add-ons such as Ad Blocker, Flash Blocker or Script Blocker may block the game or its related components, and prevent it from loading or functioning properly.

    We do not recommend disabling your security applications entirely; instead you can try to disable them temporarily to see if this solves the problem and then manage their settings or create an exception to allow the game and its related components. Please refer to your security application's documentation or support for instructions.

If your Full Screen button is missing: Click here.

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