All Games: How can I use Facebook Local Currency?

Tue Oct 20 12:10:57 UTC 2015 79

To check if you received Facebook local currency, please click here. If you have already checked and know you have received your currency, you can now enjoy your new items! Please follow the steps below:

1.  Go to your Game and select the option to add more credits. The name varies from game to game, so select the usual purchase tab.

2.  Select the amount and click on 'Buy'

3.  This is what you will see. If you see this option on the top right, you can proceed. You will now be able to receive your credits!

But wait! If I don’t have enough Local currency, how will I know? This is what you will see if you don’t have enough Local currency:

The purchase options will show, and the Total will show how much real money this would charge. If that’s the case, select a lower amount. Any Local currency will be safe and sound in your Facebook account. To check your total, click here and select 'Payments'.

Please check Facebook Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

Thank you, 

Zynga Player Support