Zynga Support Official Support Policy

Wed Oct 14 08:43:32 UTC 2015 829
Official Policy

Our ability to provide live support is guided by the limited live-agent resources available and the number of issues we are currently handling. We periodically make updates to those guidelines to ensure an equitable distribution of resources to meet the evolving needs of our players.

Official Statement Explained

The key points above are availability and equality. As a business, we constantly adapt our offering based on what we can reasonably offer to as many players as possible. Our recent update and new channels offer service to more players, which may affect players who contact us day after day and/or multiple times a day. Serving less people more often did not help the larger community of players who could not get through or get an answer in a timely manner when they needed help.

There are many nuances to what support can do for a given issue, and we always appreciate your patience and understanding if a solution is not immediate.

We will continue to review what support we can offer at any given time. We hope more of you can access support today to get your game issues resolved.

It is our hope that you will take advantage of all of the contact points we offer: we read our messages here, on Twitter, monitor the Player Help & Support area of forums, as well as requests sent through support.zynga.com.

Thank you,

Zynga Player Support