FAQ: VIP Subscription Levels

Tue Mar 18 13:08:32 EDT 2014 20

Amelia has decided to give her most loyal VIP members amazing additional benefits in their Café.

How long do I have to subscribe before I become a Silver VIP member?

After 3 months of continuous VIP membership you will receive Silver Status benefits. After you made the payment for your 4th month of Subscription you will automatically receive your new benefits in addition to the benefits you received before.

Where can I see when I will level up to a different benefit Status?

You will see a VIP icon in your Café (upper right hand corner) which will display your current level. When you click on this icon you will be able to see your current benefits

What will I receive in addition to my current benefits?

In addition to the weekly 50 Café Cash, 2 EXTRA Stove Slots, exclusive VIP dishes, access to the VIP Stove and Décor Market and surprise gifts of VIP décor you receive so far you will now receive the following:

·         Weekly Gift of 8 assorted Thyme

·         FREE unlimited supply of an exclusive VIP Décor every month

·         Ability to buy 2 locked dishes every month

·         The chance to win brand new dishes with an exclusive monthly VIP Spice – O – Meter

What does assorted Thyme include?

Your weekly assorted Spice Gift contains Instant Thyme, six hour Thyme, twelve hour Thyme and One hour Thyme

When will I receive my weekly Spice Gift?

You will receive the weekly Spice Gift on every Wednesday

What is the difference between the normal Spice – O – Meter and the VIP Spice – O – Meter?

The VIP Spice – O – Meter will only be for VIP members and will reward you with amazing dishes only VIP members will be able to earn!

Will my Status change be reflected right after my 4th payment for VIP Subscription?

It may happen that there is a small delay of up to 6 days until your account reflects your new Status.

Will there be another VIP Status I can reach after being a Silver VIP member?

Yes! You will be able to reach the following:

·         Gold Status after 6 months of continuous subscription

·     Emerald Status after 12 months of continuous subscription

·      Ruby Status after 18 months of continuous subscription

Will I receive more additional benefits if I reach Gold, Emerald or Ruby Status?

Yes! Every time you reach a new VIP Status you will keep your previous benefits and receive fantastic new benefits.

Gold Status benefits:

·         FREE 24 hour extension for any one quest every month

·         Exclusive 8X Gold Statue Cabinet for FREE

·         Ability to buy 2 additional locked dishes every month

·         Win brand new  dishes with an exclusive  weekly VIP Spice-o-meter

Emerald Status benefits:

·         One time Gift of 200 Café Cash

·         1 EXTRA stove slot

·         Rent Café World’s most powerful Ultra Stove for 3 days every month

·         Earn 25% more points on VIP Spice-o-meter

·         Autocomplete any one of the first  three buildable stages for FREE every month. Please take note that Quest buildables are not included in the autocompletion (e.g. Pizza Oven, BBQ Grill, Pastry Station, Sushi Station, etc.).

Ruby Status benefits:

·         One time gift of 300 Café Cash

·         2 EXTRA stove slots

·         Exclusive 12X Ruby Statue Cabinet for FREE

·         15% discount on all Quest Task Unlocks

·         20% discount on all  Spice Purchases

What happens if I already have a Statue Cabinet?

Your current Statue Cabinet will be upgraded to the 12x Diamond Statue Cabinet.

What if I do not have a Statue Cabinet?

A statue cabinet will be granted to VIPs at Gold level if they do not already have one.

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