All Games: How to make sure you can see game requests on Facebook

Fri Jan 10 11:06:27 EST 2014 0
Many posting issues are related to Facebook's updated News Feed interface, which has made it hard for players to find game requests in feeds. Here are a couple of things you can do to make sure you are seeing Zynga game requests.

Cannot see my posts or posts from my friends

1. Log in to your Facebook account and click Home (upper right of screen) to make sure you are on the News Feed page.

2. Above the top news post, click Sort and select Recent Stories First from the drop-down list.

If you do not see Zynga game posts, continue to step 3.

3. Scroll down using your browser's scroll bar on the far right side of the window. (Using the mouse scroll wheel will continue to open a long list of feeds.) You may have to scroll down a couple of times to reach the bottom of the News Feed as the scroll bar will refresh a couple of times.

4. At the bottom of the News Feed you will see a bar with two options: More Stories and Edit Options.

5. Click Edit Options. A window titled Edit News Feed Settings opens. This window shows the friends or applications that are set to be hidden from your view. For example, if CityVille is in this list, that means you will not see posts from yourself or your friends who post CityVille help requests.

6. If your game is listed here, click the X next to the game name to unhide related posts from your view.

I can see my Wall posts on my own Wall but I can't see them on the News Feed

My friends can only see my Wall posts if they visit my Wall.

We know it can be difficult to organize the feeds. Game posts often get lost among the other games, applications, pages and friends' status updates on Facebook.

To help you find game posts faster, we have compiled a list of feeds by game! You can share one of the game links from the list below with your friends to help them find your posts for your favorite game faster, enabling you to receive the items you need to complete your missions or tasks, and you can use it to help your friends with their requests, too.
Login to your Facebook account and then click one of the following links:

Cafe World
Hidden Chronicles
Mafia Wars
Pioneer Trail
Words with Friends
Zynga Poker

By using one of these game links, Facebook will filter the posts so that you will only be see the news feeds for the selected game. You can view return to your regular news feed by clicking Home (upper right corner).
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