Loading & Crashing Issues

Tue Jan 21 14:21:04 EST 2014 0
Hi Artist,

We receive multiple feedback in relation to random crashes in your game. First of all, we want to thank you for reporting this problem to us.

The Team is currently investigating and working on this issue. Your game should be back on track very soon.

In the meantime , please follow these troubleshooting steps to help with your issue.

Confirm that you have a working Internet connection (if you are playing on Wi-Fi, double check that it hasn't stopped working).Also please note that slower loading times of an app could be due to memory issues (i.e. other apps running in the background, larger game accounts, etc).  Please keep note of this when troubleshooting your issues.

 In addition, try force-closing and re-loading your app:​

1. Double click the home button on your iDevice.
2. Find the game icon in the bottom bar.
3. Tap and hold the game icon until it begins to shake. Tap the minus symbol on it to force-close the app.
4. Single click the home button to return to the main app screen.
5. Re-Open your Zynga game.

NOTE: Depending on your Android device, instructions may vary. </p>
1. Tap on "Applications.
2. Tap on "Manage Applications."
3. Select specific game/app to force-close
4. Push the "Force Stop" button.
5. Return to your home page and open game.

Here is our complete Trouble Shooting: 

We hope this gets you back to your game!
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