How to: Submit a Screenshot Video to Customer Support

Fri Jan 10 11:29:49 EST 2014 5

When submitting attachments to the Customer Support team for review, a screenvideo attachment is the best method to illustrate that a problem is occurring in Mafia Wars. Screen video attachments clearly outline problems and provide actionable steps to correct when a complicated problem arises.

Please follow the instructions listed below for an outline on how to submit a screen video to Zynga Customer Support.

NOTE: The suggested screen video software is only one of many free image hosting websites. It is not required that players use Jing to submit attachments to Zynga Customer Support. Additionally, a vast majority of free image hosting websites have a bandwidth limit. This means that if enough people view your picture, there is the possibility that your bandwidth will be exceeded, and your image will no longer be visible.

How to take a screen-video (Using Jing):

  1. Download and install a free screen video software (Jing is commonly used: ).
  2. Locate the little yellow sun along the border of your primary monitor.
  3. Use the capture feature to designate the area of your screen you want to capture. Your health, energy, stamina and level MUST be viewable in the video for verification.
  4. Select 'Capture Video/Film Icon' option to begin a screenvideo and start recording.
  5. Click the stop button to stop recording when you have captured the desired video. A new window with the screen video will be shown.
  6. Share the screenvideo via Attach your UID to the end of the file name for customer support review.
  7. Check the history section (under the little yellow sun) to retrieve the url link for the recorded screenvideo.
  8. Locate the saved screenvideo and select 'Share' this will generate a new window with the url located in the address bar .
  9. Submit the saved url to your support incident for verification purposes.


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