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Current Issue Advice

Prize Animal Storage - Elite Wool
Players need Elite Wool to craft Intricate Rugs. Some players are confused regarding when/how to obtain Elite Wool.
Players can tend any completed fluffy sheep for an even chance for Elite Wool to drop.

The Museum - Archaeology Kits
Players need to craft 2 archaeology kits for task 2 of mission 1 "Jurassic Frontier". Some players are reporting loosing that task progress before finishing the mission.
After you craft the 2 archaeology kits,  do not "dig" until you finish mission 1. You need to keep the 2 archaeology kits for task progress, and digging consumes them.
Trees not growing – Players worried about the growth rate of trees.
Trees generally 2 weeks to fully grow on the Homestead

Current Issue Articles

Listed below are some of the current issues The Pioneer Game studio is actively investigating and working towards resolution. If you are experiencing any of the below issues, we recommend you click through the article and then click on "Vote to Fix" as an alternative to contacting support. 

Market Update - Horseshoe Items now have Blue Purchase Button

Daily Bonus Doubler Guide

Please do not use 3rd Party Programs with Pioneer Trail - They break our Terms of Service


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