How To: Bountiful Bunnies

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Howdy Pioneers!

Bess loves Bunnies! She's holding a Bunny Beauty Contest to find the cuddliest bunny! Raise bunnies with your friends!

  • Gated at level 24
  • New Free Gift crop – Wild Nettles (2 hour harvest)
  • New Collection - Bunny Beauty
  • Each bunny takes 34 green goodies to grow
  • 2 Wrapper Mission to ramp next week (Monday or Tuesday)

About Bountiful Bunnies:


The Missions:

Bess' Bunny Bonanza
Gather 25 Leafy Plants - harvest Eggplants
Feed Blushed, Furry or Giant Bunnies 4 times with Green Goodies
Place Rabbit Ranch
Rewards: 3 Pristine Nettles, Brown Rabbit, White Rabbit

Each bunny takes 34 green goodies to grow

Loverly Lagomorphs
Scare a Bear 25 times (get off the white grizzly to make each scare count)
Feed Blushed, Furry or Giant Bunnies 15 times with Green Goodies
Finish phase 1 of the Rabbit Ranch
Rewards: 5 Wild Nettles, Furry Bunnies (Free Giftable), Pink Rabbit

Earning your Bunny Stripes
Gather 20 Spot Removers (harvest Lilac, Free gifts)
Feed Furry Bunny 24 times with Green Goodies (they are on free gifts after finishing previous mission)
Finish phase 2 of the Rabbit Ranch
Rewards: 2 Raging Bulls, 2 Furry Bunnies, Bunny Hutch

Hare Today; Spawn Tomorrow
Gather 20 Hare Brushes (tend non-rideable Horses, on neighbor's too)
Feed Blushed, Furry or Giant Bunnies 30 times with Green Goodies
Finish phase 3 of the Rabbit Ranch
Rewards: 6 Pristine Nettles, Giant Bunny, 3 Plushy Bunnies

In it to Win it
Gather 20 Rabbit Rations (collect bonus from Plush Bunnies, 12 hour reset)
Tend fully grown Giant Bunny 5 times 
Finish the Rabbit Ranch
Rewards: 12 Pristine Nettles, Kissing Rabbits, Bunny Den

Rabbit Ranch:

Metal Bowl – clear rocks
Heavy carrot – harvest carrots


Hare Clip – Fully grown Oak

Nesting Straw – fully grown birch

New on Free Gift Page:

 After mission 2 this will be on the Free gift page:


New Collection:

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