Tips for Contacting Zynga With Friends Customer Service

Fri Jan 10 09:02:08 EST 2014 0

If you are experiencing a technical issue while playing, please know that Zynga Customer Service can assist you better when you provide as much detail as possible about your issue or question. Here are some guidelines that can help us more quickly help identify the root cause of your issue.


It's always helpful if you can provide in the body of your email:

  • A clear description of the issue you are experiencing
  • What are the steps to to reproduce the problem?
  • How often does this issue occur?
  • What type of Internet browser and what version of that browser are you using?
  • Did the game generate any error messages?

We also have some Optional information we ask you to include if it applies to your situation:

  • What type of Internet connection do you have? (DSL, cable, etc)
  • User ID or Email address used to log into Facebook.


Here is an example submission for your reference:

Hello Zynga Customer Service,

I've been having a problem with loading. It seems to happen each morning when I try to play.

I'm currently using I.E 8 - 8.0.7600 and there are no error messages that appear. However, I notice that the game has been slow recently.

I'm currently on a High Speed Connection with Comcast, and I've attached a screenshot to assist you.

I do all my playing on the Facebook application and I use (if applicable) as my log in email address.

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