Having problems with a certain game?

Mon Oct 19 08:45:28 UTC 2015 0

Are you having problems with something that’s happening within a game? Haven’t received the rewards for a particular quest, or having problems getting the game to recognize that you’ve completed all the tasks for a quest? Or are you having problems with one of the games that are not on Zyngagames.com?

Zynga Customer Support will gladly help you with those game-specific problems, however you need to start on the page for the game you are having problems with. This section only provides assistance for the Zyngagames.com website itself, and the functions and features therein (zFriends, the Live Social Stream, etc.) You'll need to contact the group that provides support for the game you are having issues with, in order to get those issues resolved appropriately. We've provided links below to help you along.


Zynga Player Support