• Casino/Table Selector Update!

    Zynga Poker is now updated! All tables are located under one central location, the casino selector is no longer needed! Use the optimized table selector to find the right table stake, we'll match you to the right location. See you at the tables!

Zynga Poker Help Center

Hi Poker Players,

In our latest Zynga Poker mobile release we set out to create the most authentic, fun and exciting poker experience possible. Since updating Zynga Poker, we've received great feedback from our player base. We are responding as quickly as possible to implement new updates based on what our community has shared.

The following list outlines updates and items currently in development. To share new comments, and learn the latest of what's in store for Zynga Poker, you can also visit our Zynga Poker Community forums.


·      Zynga Poker Web Challenges

·      FAQs: Poker Graph 2.0 Migration

·      Zynga Leagues

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