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Taxis not appearing in my City after placing Taxi Dispatch (How To)

No longer seeing taxis in your City? Read this quick "How to" to taxis to find out how to see them again.

FAQ: Free Gifts

How can I get free stuff?


How and when to collect from feeds.

CityVille - Guide to Taxi's

Complete the Taxi Dispatch to bring taxis to your city! Collect from businesses faster and for 0 energy!

All Games: How to make sure you can see game requests on Facebook

Here are a few helpful tips to help you and your friends see Zynga game requests

All Games: Why have I been blocked from purchasing?

Find out possible reasons why you may have been blocked from making purchases.

Social Sheep are here!

A brief description of the Social Sheep feature

Gift and Neighbor requests

Where to access your Gift and Neighbor requests in YoVille

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