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Zynga Player Support - Changing your Zynga Support contact email address

Learn how to change your contact email address here!

Contacting Zynga Support

Learn about what the Zynga Support site has to offer and what info helps us serve you best

Zynga Support Official Support Policy

Our official statement as well as a simpler wording of the policy

All Games: Your Support Options

How to find answers from us or other players

Did You Know? Submitting numerous emails and/or starting numerous chats may affect your Support standing

Recommendations for helping yourself and other players get equal support

Is this email I received from Zynga legitimate?

Learn how to spot the difference between fraudulent emails and ones that come from Zynga.

Account Security Home

Your main resource for all articles related to account security, hacks, and other information related to Zynga Poker security

How do I validate my account on the forum?

Learn how to validate your account on the Zynga forums

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