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LesleyBurrill  asks
Live Chat.

How do I get to chat with a live expert now? Since they designed this new layout I haven't been successful finding the chat please help if you can! Thank you.

huntergirl1985  asks
live chat

do we have to become V.I.P members for live chat?

shazflamingo  asks
Chat live

Does this no longer work as get the below when i click on it? You have reached this page in error. Please visit our support site at to get help for Zynga games. Thanks

Grammyjetsetter  asks
Live Chat????

Hope27  asks
Live chat

No live chat again today even tho i took them up on a offer for horseshoes - :@ - Annoying when u need help straight away!

chips1girl  asks

where did it disappear to again?

bullstone  asks
Live Chat

Why can I NEVER see live chat?


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